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GBPVR Documentation Wiki - Utility - UltraXMLTV Enhancer Version ...
Jan 4, 2011 . Many of us are able to get XMLTV listing files loaded with extra data: . Your GB- PVR UpdateEPG.bat is called each time GB-PVR wants to update the EPG. . Although some combinations are illogical and just won't work, .

NPVR 2.3.6 - Current Patches and Getting Started info
These updated files represent the latest version of NPVR code, and may include other . 15. ignore unreasonable data in XMLTV file and continue loading EPG - http://forums.gbpvr.com/showthread.p...284#post431284 . to the AnalogDevices .xml file; if your analog device won't show up after successfully .

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GBPVR Documentation Wiki - Config - ChannelMappings
Dec 10, 2011 . For example, if the EPG data from Zap2it, directly matches the . Loading this XMLTV file into GB-PVR will set up all your channels in GB-PVR. . because you want the best picture and probably won't notice the audio. Step 3.


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NextPVR Documentation Wiki | Configuration / EPG (Electronic ...
Note that this type of EPG won't be updated in real time (if a broadcaster changes a start time or swaps a show at short notice your EPG will not . file - this is where the EPG data is stored, hence XMLTV EPG.


Select lineup number from the returned list and an xmltv.xml file will be produced . If it isn't useful, then you probably won't be using it! . If you only want to select channels to exclude, only use lines that start with '-' and leave . Create a file called "UpdateEPG.bat" in the GBPVR folder and edit it with a text editor (notepad ).


For The Record Installation Guide
Importing using a XMLTV file. . needed, depending on the recorder you choose to install. . If this is not the case, you won't be able to select . Once we have setup the channels, we can activate epg-grabbing for the channels of our choice.

Programs That Use Schedules Direct
GB-PVR is well supported, and works with a large number of the available analog . MediaPortal, MediaPortal is an Open Source application ideal for turning . you might not have thought of but soon won't be able to live without). XMLTV: . OnTV, OnTV is a GNOME Applet written in Python using PyGTK, it uses XMLTV files .

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FREEVIEW: GB-PVR/DVBviewer/mediaportal EPG Downloader
Searching for this weekly show in the XML file using WordPad, I found this . < programme start="20090630214000 +1200" stop="20090630224000 +1200" . and delete the duplicates (as apart of the freeviewNZ-EPG-GBPVR.exe?) . I won't be able to fix them until the weekend though, busy week ahead.


MediaPortal vs MeediOS vs GB-PVR (or other options) [Archive ...
As for MediaPortal, it seemed to have the most EPG options, with . than XMLTV, which I know has issues with channel names matching up, etc. . In the meantime, I'd like to stick with something freeware or open source, since I won't be . It states it can covert files (including .dvrms and .wtv) to H264 .mp4 .

MediaPortal vs MeediOS vs GB-PVR (or other options) - Doom9's Forum
As for MediaPortal, it seemed to have the most EPG options, with . than XMLTV, which I know has issues with channel names matching up, etc. . In the meantime, I'd like to stick with something freeware or open source, since I won't be . It states it can covert files (including .dvrms and .wtv) to H264 .mp4 .


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XMLTV EPG grabber for the Netherlands - ServerCare home
23 april 2008 . Pre-made configuration files for several sites are available. . I'm running a ' MediaCenter' look-alike called GBPVR, I think its the best . There's no GUI ( Graphical User Interface), so you can simply start it from . There's more than enough information in the config file to get you on your way, so I won't bother .

The Best HTPC Software - Windows
Mar 10, 2009 . Uninstall every codec you have and only install 'ffdshow-tryouts' . I use GBPVR on one machine under XP pro . This looks interesting, are there any requirements for the files for this to work or is it only to . Won't happen.

Eeyores sadness
Jan 16, 2007 . Files. alternate (more luxury) setup for XMLTV Dutch · GBPVR . This would be great with GBPVR (also see my post on using GBPVR . I flipped open the PCzapper scart connector (you don't need brute . But until now Fabcahnnel won't play fullscreen. . As of yesterday, my EPG doesn't work anymore.

Help needed setting up freesat - SageTV Community
I Can get all the channels using Npvr ( gbpvr) so I don't think the dish or . with the "PredefinedDVBT.frq" file ) using values from kingofsat but it . Your right, that alone won't configure a new channel in Sage - I use xmltv myself to do . the rubbish and the duplicates and then find an epg method for them .


AC Ryan - View topic - Playon!DVR-HD : Tell us Dual DVBT Tuner or ...
By the way, I am interested to know more about GB-PVR, would you be . HTTP/ FTP file server . shutting down, and composite input won't be that good for recording . Let's wait for all the specs to be fully released ; ) before we open a . whether it will be possible to involve xmltv to import EPG information .

Gb-pvr Articles on AOL TV
Apr 9, 2008 . GB-PVR is a free, but closed source media center application. . Filed under: PVR Wire · Software . so providing data to the open source community cost Zap2it nothing. . BeyondTV, SageTV, and Windows Media Center won't be affected. . Several MythTV, XMLTV, and MacProgGuide developers have .

Mythtv Articles on AOL TV
Jul 11, 2008 . A new version of open source Linux-based media center MythTV was . Unlike the Zap2it Labs data, Schedules direct program guides won't be free. . MythTV EPG . Several MythTV, XMLTV, and MacProgGuide developers have . This could spell big trouble for MythTV, GB-PVR, and other personal .

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Cliff Watson EPG add-on for MyHD, FusionHDTV, and HD Homerun [Text ...
Did you try deleting the file "cw_sched.mdb" before running the 2.x version the first time? . No harm will come of it (but it also won't affect anything but the currently . when I open up the cw-epg window I cannot see the area of the panel . I don't know anything about Freeguide, but XMLtv is just a fetching .


WatchHDTV Version 1.8 [Text View] - Page 4 - AVS Forum
OK... so I loaded these RENDERER files, eliminated decoders/txt (so as to NOT . I haven't made any contact with the major EPG's to see what could be possible but . I wasn't planning on anything fancy, just playing around with XMLTV getting a feed . It won't play in Watch or WMP, to completion, that is.

TransACT on PC problems - TransACT - Regional
Hmmm. Are you sure GB-PVR will record from a UDP stream? . Is there any way you could email me your config files, so I can try to see where on . I use a router to connect to the ISG so it won't let me get any other . as far as EPG goes, you could write your own XMLTV EPG using th following schema.

My MythTV experience - Linux/BSD
Basically install lirc from repository. apt-get install lirc (as root or use sudo command in front of this command) Then replace the files I give you .

No More TV Listings For MythTV Users - Slashdot
Sep 9, 2007 . Free/open source PVRs are more functional than most proprietary . The channels won't take an action that costs them money & reaps little . and produces an XML schedule file that you can feed into MythTV. . Free US EPG data here. . a nifty application [gbpvr.com] that will parse it into XMLTV format.

MythTV Scheduling Service Reveals Pricing - Slashdot
Aug 10, 2007 . An anonymous reader writes "A group of open source developers have been . The folks behind this are from the MythTV and XMLTV community, and I'd . It throws fits with shows like X-Files where half the show is in the dark. . mythtv, it's quite possible that that person won't be watching the advertising.


Scripting - ServerCare home
If you would like to have a similar script to start them, simply replace . since the script won't stop # you can't use try/catch or trap to catch any . If no prior xmltv file is available a new one will be created and all the epg data need to be grabbed . I recall how this confused me when I started using gbpvr, getting those pesky .

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eirikso.com The media center software list
Oct 25, 2005 . The CenterStage project is an open source project, to build a media center solution for the mac: . EPG etc, it took about 30 minutes from start to finish using GB-PVR (and . Anyone having an idea on where to get a xmltv file for mediaportal? . that has to do with change and adaptability this project won't.


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Charlie Owen - What keeps you from using Windows Media Center...?
Nov 15, 2006 . Start a VIDEO_TS folder that have PUO protection removed from a specific time point. . a power user tool/hack like Bladerunner and xmltv (which works great! . Why not as a bare minmimum collect EPG data from the DVB stream as . Also, the CC is tied directly to the box it is installed into, so you won't .

GeekTonic: 6/20/10 - 6/27/10
Jun 20, 2010 . N PVR HTPC Software (formerly GB-PVR) Updates to 1.5.21 Beta . Previously only .ts files would, and decoders used during .mpg playback . Ability to import rich EPG data from any combination of XMLTV . I won't bore you with the details , but check out the walk-through if . Search This Blog. Loading.

For The Record - View topic - Using XBMC Live in combination with ...
Jan 2, 2012 . Also you need to install and configure the ForTheRecord addon. . one of my motto's is "nothing is impossible, but some things are improbable" I won't say it ;) . and select the ForTheRecord add-on zip file we downloaded: . I can see the epg, and the recordings, but then I try to activate a channel xbmc is .

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    Just in case- Alternatives to SageTV - Page 13 - SageTV Community
    The mvp method is nice with gbpvr, but won't make everyone happy (as you have seen). . Will it play almost all file types/codecs? . that we could load on one of those devices and make it a sage extender. . 2x PCTV Nanostick Solo Sport DVB-T 73E SE, XMLTV from DigiGuide, SageTV 7.1.9, Win7 64bit .

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    NETGEAR ReadyNAS View topic - HDTV recording options
    Do you have to manually start and stop recordings from the Mac or can the Mac . Zap2it's XML channels data downloaded by a program called XMLTV. . data, RecordThis just updates the file that DViCO's software refers to for . to my NV+ using GBPVR and Windows Media Center through my PC, but .

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    Build a Homemade Media Center PC - Slashdot
    Feb 16, 2006 . It also has great IMDB lookups for existing video files, no DRM (media . GB- PVR - FREE, easy to install, includes media functions like . less noise, a decent sized copper base heatsink and you won't even . When setup, guide data took a while using xmltv, and following guide after guide to set it up.

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    Build a Homemade Media Center PC - Slashdot
    Feb 16, 2006 . It also has great IMDB lookups for existing video files, no DRM (media . GB- PVR - FREE, easy to install, includes media functions like . less noise, a decent sized copper base heatsink and you won't even . When setup, guide data took a while using xmltv, and following guide after guide to set it up.

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